Something Different

Hey Guys!

Hope ur week’s been great so far? Mine has 😀 not because anything major happened but I’m just happy.. Happiness is a choice, I choose to be happy therefore I am..

So I decided to do something different today.. Those who follow me on twitter know (I hope they do lool) that I’m all about those motivational messages, and funny tweets.. So yeah! In case for whatever reason you are having a bad day (hey u shouldn’t be! :p), here are some quotes and a picture to brighten ur day 😀 also my song of the day as promised. Enjoy!

“Everything you love you bring light to, everything you hate you bring darkness, how bright will you make your world?”

“Every step you take with God, is a step towards a place of peace & serenity, a place you can call home”

I hope no one prays like this hehe. I found it very funny

“If the communication isn’t fruitful, feel free to exercise your right to remain silent” <— I believe I’m quite good at this. Lol when I realize the convo isn’t exactly leading anywhere, I just don’t bother.. Or when someone tries to annoy me I like to ignore them 🙂 which brings me to my last quote:

“When your anger is internally loud… make sure your mouth is externally quiet. Speaking when angry is a recipe for disaster. Calm down first”


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