Growing in Christ (2)

Hey Guys!
How are we doing today? Great of course! 😉 We are the chosen so whatever we declare, we trust that its established. So go ahead and speak positively about that challenge.. Don’t give anyone the chance to ruin ur day either. Keep shining! 🙂

So if you remember in my first post about Growing in Christ (if you don’t, its because you din’t read it.. Oya scroll down jo 😛 ) I said I’m trying to get used to listening to more of Gospel music. Trust me its going well!! I keep finding all kinds of gospel songs that I like and guess what? I’ve been deleting all those other songs that aren’t gospel too lol because I don’t like it when after I listen to a couple of gospel songs, a random song that’s saying something about “drop it low, shake ur bumbum” comes up hehe.

See there’s Christian reggae, there’s R n B.. There’s all sorts so plz why are we looking elsewhere? Especially when with secular music these days its like they are recycling all their lyrics o. Lol the songs are not making sense anymore biko! It matters what we feed our mind guys! Worship songs just keep me calm.. As in I was waiting in the rain for like 20 minutes yesterday, listening to my gospel music and I wasn’t even annoyed (very unlike me I must say lol).

I also mentioned something about not going clubbing any more. I feel like if you stop doing one thing you might have to replace it with another. I’m trying to look for other things I like doing.. I’ve always wanted to learn French so at the moment, I’m considering taking French classes.. I like singing too so maybe voice training 😉 and then I’m also thinking of volunteering.. I’m excited about volunteering because I think I’ll be able to see life differently. You know how they say if you go to the hospital and see patients struggling to survive, you’ll appreciate life more?

I want to appreciate the little and big things we take for granted.. So I think volunteering at a charity organization is a good one it will also improve my relationship with God me thinks :D. We shouldn’t be afraid of change, a lot of us want to be closer to God and stop all these “earthly things” but we feel like its impossible. I want you to know impossible is where God starts 😉 speak to God, let him know ur heart’s desire.. He’ll also guide and direct you.. Thanks for reading xx

As usual, my song of the day.. I’m being generous today so I’m sharing 2 songs hehe. Make sure you listen to them tho, beautiful songs!

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