Relationships (2)

Hey guys!
How’s your week been? Great I believe. 🙂 today we are talking relationships again Yay? Lol.

I just realized as much as I luv talking about relationships, its not my favourite topic to blog about hehe. Its challenging because I need to make sure I practice what I “preach”, but the good thing is that I can actually go back to my old posts and learn from them just like anyone else who reads my blog. So really I should be excited to blog about relationships right? 😀

From my first post about relationships, U’ll notice I was basically talking about the foundation of any relationship.. We are still discussing foundation Hallelujah! The foundation of anything we ever do in life has to be right for it to be a success. You can imagine building a house with a weak foundation, when rain falls or wind blows, the house will obviously be destroyed. The same applies to relationships. If we don’t have a solid foundation in the beginning, when we face challenges we will easily give up.

Notice I said “when”? Its because life is full of challenges and I’ve actually accepted that there is no smooth road to success in anything at all. It doesn’t mean I’m being negative, it just makes me aware that even when certain things happen its not over until God says so 😀

Learning from other people’s experience, mistakes, movies, stories we hear etc is actually important. If someone has made a mistake, why do u have to have ur personal experience before you learn? Lol isn’t that funny? One thing I’ve learnt is how easy it is for kids to imitate the behaviour of their parents. I think about my future kids a lot 😛 so if not for myself, but those innocent kids.. I have to choose the right partner. Imagine a man who beats his gf, she’s not even married to him yet and because she “loves” him she thinks she can cope if they take things to the next level. Now, even if you don’t mind the beatings lol how about ur kids? They are going to grow up to be bullies after watching dad bully mum. How about that?

Obviously I’m not going to look for the most amazing man on earth and propose to him lol. But in the very beginning, whoever you choose to date is up to you! This is the time to ask yourself whether or not the person’s character is something U’d like to see in your future kids. If the answer is no, why are you going ahead with the relationship?

Most times we just jump into a relationship, find out the person is not what we want in a man/woman, then jump out of it and continue the cycle. Sometimes we can’t even jump out of it because we think we are in love and then we decide to stay because letting go is hard.

All this wouldn’t be happening if we have a solid foundation from the beginning. Obviously you have to be attracted to whoever you date, but put the looks aside. Find out as much as you can about the person and save yourself another heart break. Is it just me or when you are in a relationship, that’s when you meet other amazing people? If you had taken your time before you would have been single when you met those other people. & when you are finally with a great person, even when other amazing people come ur way, you are not bothered because you have an equally amazing person! 😀
I hope U’ve been able to learn at least one thing from this post?

Meanwhile, I was given a new bible by my mum.. This version is called the New Living Translation. I find the King James version kind of difficult to study (so I hardly even study it oops! I usually just read my daily devotional.. Smh) so I’m going to try this and let you guys know how I find it. Thanks for your time

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