Personal relationship with God

Hello everyone!
The past 2 sundays have been very exciting for me 😀 I went to a church I had been following online before I got back to Nigeria. Its called David’s Christian Centre. One of the main reasons I fell in love with the church is because of how down to earth the pastor’s wife is (she’s also a pastor tho). I follow her blog and she’s just soo real; one of the reasons I decided to blog this way. Rather than “preach” to you guys, why not talk in a language we are all familiar with (not like I’m a pastor anyway *raised eye brow*) but yeah! I fell in love with the church shaaa 😉

I realized something recently tho, if you want to be close to God you really need to find a place of worship (church) that you are excited to be a part of. The type that you’ll look forward to the next service. No one would have to “make” you go to church on sundays. In fact, getting closer to God requires more than being just a sunday worshiper. You can’t worship God 4 times a month. Plz how does that even sound??

PS: this is an area I’m also working on. I want to go to church more than I do at the moment. But first things first. I believe we need to develop a personal relationship with God. If he can speak to your pastor, he can also speak to you! Talk to God, learn how to communicate with him. You see, I used to be the type of Christian whom when its time for prayers, I’d be shy to talk to God because of the sins I deliberately committed yesterday knowing He’ll forgive me today.

If you want to be close to someone, how can you be close to them if you are shy/scared to have a conversation with them? Or if you keep doing those things you KNOW they don’t like? So you see, being close to God requires you to make some sacrifices. If you know certain things will make you feel guilty when talking to God, why not work on those habits. Try to stop them and pray to God to help you. Trust me, U’ll feel a lot more comfortable praying to God this way.

What I’m trying to say is that having a personal relationship with God will make you want to go to church more often. It will make you want to be as close to God as you’d love to be. Wouldn’t it be exciting to be able to hear from God for yourself without waiting for someone to see a vision concerning your life? 🙂

One thing that helps me connect to God is worship songs. I mentioned how I deleted most of the secular songs I had on my phone and replaced them with Gospel songs in a previous post. When you sing gospel songs with all your heart, you won’t even know when you’ll start praying to God.

Lastly, I’m sorry I haven’t been uploading any gospel songs. Its because I blog from my phone now and for some reason it won’t work. But anyway, if you open the songs I uploaded previously on youtube, you’ll be able to find other gospel songs as well.  Have a beautiful week!!

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  1. dprodigalchild
    Nov 05, 2012 @ 19:30:02

    I’m glad you found a home church! I have one too, it’s called HarvestHouse Christian Center and I love it! It’s just like you said, we need to find a church where you are always excited to go…..and I’ve glad I have mine… Thanks!


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