Faithful God!

Hello beautiful people πŸ™‚
How’s ur week going? I hope we remembered to pray this morning and if you didn’t its never too late to communicate with God. This is something we can do at anytime of the day. Hallelujah!

So something happened to me on saturday. I’m still shocked and I feel so blessed. You know how you hear testimonies and then something similar finally happens to you and it just makes you more aware of how faithful God is :). God is awesome! & he deserves all the praise. I love Him

I was going out with some church members. We were going to the gym (plz have you seen how skinny I am lol my thighs still hurt in fact). So yeah, I was asked to wait in front of a Mobil filling station cuz I dint know my way. While I was waiting to be picked up by a church member, a young guy walked up to me asking for directions. He said he just came from Coutonou with some goods to sell and had been beaten up by some guys because they knew he was a foreigner and wanted to steal from him. Basically he wanted me to come with him and help him count some money (naira) cuz he dint know much about the currency. He asked if I was a Christian, and sounded like someone in trouble. To cut the long story short, I dint know when I found myself in a keke napep (I hope we know what this is o. Those yellow vehicles that are only a little bigger than an okada). After a few minutes, my phone rang. That was my wake up call and immediately I asked the driver to stop the vehicle and I got off.

I didn’t even realize I had just been in a situation where some people don’t come out alive, others give away a lot of their personal belongings, and that of family members. Basically once you start talking to them, they use jazz or something and you just do as you are told till their mission is accomplished. But I serve a great God! He has great plans for my life and for this reason, He’s always got my back! πŸ˜‰

If you live in Nigeria, plz be careful. One minute you are trying to be nice, but not everyone who approaches you has good intentions. I just had to share this with you guys.

Meanwhile, I watched a lovely movie sometime last week called “The marriage Counsellor”. Please guys, you have to see it. It doesn’t only teach about marriage. It teaches about God, and just relationships in general. There’s also a lot of singing and beautiful voices too. Thank me later ;). Have a great week guys! Xx

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