It feels good to be back haha. & it also feels good to know some people missed me hehe 😉 don’t mind me.. I’m not going to lie and say I’ve been busy because I haven’t lol. But anyway what matters is that I’m back right? Apologies!!

How have we been? I’ve been great and I know you have too! :D. As I type, I don’t even know what I’m blogging about, but I shall let the spirit lead me ;). One thing I’ve learnt so far is that positivity works! I’ve been very positive lately and its just a great feeling. Things don’t always happen as planned but its just amazing to know that there’s someone above, who watches over us and has plans which are greater than ours!

See, its all about your mindset! We have to practice positivity. That’s the only way to be happy in life. Happy people don’t have it all, they’ve just learnt to be content and grateful for each situation they find themselves.. You don’t have to wait till you get that dream job, car, house or whatever to be happy. Because when you get that, give it a couple of weeks, months and you already want something else.. That’s just how humans are. We always want more. Its okay to want more though, but its very important to practice Happiness! Happiness is a choice 🙂

Something else I’ve realized lately is how society expects that people who are committed in church should be perfect people. This is why when something bad happens in church, people are so quick to judge. “… And he’s a Pastor.. She’s a minister..”. I won’t deny it, I’ve judged in the past. It’s so easy to see faults in others but not in yourself. We forget that these people are humans just like anyone else in the world. The difference is that they have chosen to live the life God has called them to live. But as long as we have this human body, we will sin. It’s just the truth. You will find pastors that get angry easily, impatient leaders, brothers that tell lies and deceive sisters lol etc. Isn’t that why some people say that its worse to date the men in church? Because they expect them to be perfect. & when you realize that some of these brothers also cheat and lie you feel like they are worse than unbelievers.

Think about this.. “Gideon was a coward. David was a liar. Samson had too much pride. Moses was a murderer. But God still used them”. It doesn’t mean its okay to be a liar.. God wants you to come as you are, but don’t stay as you are. Get it? Let the word of God change you.

So next time you see a brother or sister in church with a bad attitude, let’s try to pray for them instead of judging them :). Have a beautiful week guys! Xx


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