2013: We Will Testify

Welcome to 2013 guys!
I believe today is a great day to reflect on 2012.. What are those things we wanted to do last year that we didn’t? What are those promises we made to ourselves and didn’t keep even though we could have?

A lot of people are of the opinion that it’s just a different date so why make it such a big deal. Well, it’s a new year and some of us find it easier to reflect over a long period of time. It will actually be nice to reflect monthly or quarterly instead of waiting for another 365 days. Hmmmm what do u guys think?

I’ve seen so many new year messages about testimonies and this just makes me excited about 2013. I’m not going to try to bore you this morning but my prayer is that your year is all about testimonies in Jesus name. & please guys, when God actually does those great things we’ve been asking for, let’s make it a habit to testify to His Greatness. Have an amazing 2013 guys.. Xx


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