Good morning beautiful people!
Yes you are beautiful because you are God’s creation 🙂 imagine I actually started this post yesterday, tried to upload a video and then somehow I lost everything I had typed o_O. I was going to start again but I just went on to do something else.

Oh yeah about the video! If you remember from my last post I said I’ll put a music player on the blog but apparently I can’t do that on wordpress so I’ll leave you guys with one of my favourite gospel songs on each post instead. 😀

Now, to today’s topic.. I’ve decided to start talking to you guys about some of the little things I’ve learnt from being born again before going on to bigger topics like relationships (which are my favourite thing to talk about anyway :D). Okay, I guess I can’t really use the word “little”, but with topics like relationships there’s just sooo much to cover.

Worrying is something a lot of us do without knowing. I was having a very nice conversation with a friend, there was nothing to say for a minute or so and immediately I found myself worrying about something completely unrelated until he called my name. I was even shocked. Ah ahn a minute ago I was smiling n laughing na smh.

Worrying less and having Faith in God instead is something we have to master. Its a gradual process. Each time we are worried about something, a good way to be positive about it is by thinking of all those other things we’ve been worried about in the past and how God got us out of the situation.

One thing I’ve come to realize is that as we grow older, there’s just always one responsibility or situation that gets our attention. Then we start to worry! Now what’s the point? If something else will probably come up later, why worry? Its life and we’ve got God! 😀 So try to enjoy every moment.. A month later you may look back and see how God provided a solution to that problem.. Sometimes it doesn’t even take that long, other times it might feel like a decade before the problem is solved. But God is always there.

We don’t want to spend all our days on earth worrying about the problems of this world. God actually wants us to enjoy this life 😀


Growing in Christ

Hello everyone!

I’ve been trying to think of what my first “real” post should be about.. One of my many reasons for not blogging earlier. I finally decided to blog about growing in Christ.. If you remember in my previous post I mentioned something about “baby” Christians. I hope you knew what I meant ^_^ my bad if you didn’t…

A baby Christian is a new Christian, newly born-again, or someone like me who has been born again for a while but hasn’t really grown in Christ o_O Just like a mother would be worried if her baby wasn’t growing, I believe this is how God feels about us… He expects us to grow spiritually! So how do we grow?

When we say someone is mature, he or she has put away childish things and as we grow spiritually this is exactly what happens. You can’t force a child who is still crawling to start walking. I believe its the same with Christianity.. No one expects you to just drop all your bad habits immediately but with time, this is what happens 🙂

Personally one thing I’ve stopped doing is clubbing! Asin its like my proudest achievement lol (I joke) but I actually have no more interest in the night life Hallelujah!  Now, I’m not saying if you go to clubs you are a bad person o 😛 But then I don’t know how I’d feel if I met my pastor in the club loool… So yeah we don’t want our life to mirror the world as Christians.

I would suggest that as we study the bible more and get closer to God, we can think of one of our bad habits and work towards getting rid of it! One thing at a time is good… Change isn’t easy but with God its possible 😀 The second thing I’m trying to get used to now is listening to more of Gospel music.

At the moment I study my Rhapsody of Realities (a daily devotional by Pastor Chris & Pastor Anita of Christ Embassy). I try to do this everyday so a day won’t go by without me learning the word of God. I even get a daily devotional email… I really dunno how I subscribed or where lol but it goes to show that you can always find one online or just buy one 🙂

I’ve been working on making my page more attractive lol so once I get the hang of it, I’ll add more things to the blog like nice gospel songs I listen to now. Thanks for ur time!

Hey Guys!!


Welcome to my blog 😀 Its been a long time coming, finally we did it! 😀 hehe. So what will I be blogging about? Its basically about my journey towards the kind of life I’ve always dreamt of living.. 

You know, a lot of us “baby” Christians hope for one day when we will be more mature and so close to God, but we actually don’t know how or where to start from. We think about all the bad habits we have now and as much as we probably want to change, it seems almost impossible.. Well, I’m just like you! 😀

So what’s my story? I remember I used to preach to people on my street when I was about 9 years old lol.. I’d go to my neighbour’s house with my bible and I think the only things I was so sure of back then was that females shouldn’t wear trousers, thou shall not kill so u cant even kill things like mosquitoes loool… Oh dear! now that I think about it *tut tut* but anyway, somehow I stopped doing all that and about 12 years down the line (*oops* you probably know my age now…  :D) I want to be closer to God more than ever!

I’ve actually been thinking about this for a while now u know.. and about 2 weeks ago, my pastor kind of confirmed God’s purpose for me.. Well it was a sunday service and we were just about to close, I just kept thinking of what God’s purpose is for me in life… I mean I don’t want to get to heaven and become a cleaner hehe.. I have to do big things for God while I’m here on earth so that my rewards in heaven will be BIG 😀 so anyway.. my pastor stopped in the middle of prayer and he said something,

He was like he doesn’t know why he is saying this but we are called for different reasons, and he said something about a certain person’s purpose being to attract people to the gospel by just how they live their life and I knew he was referring to me. He also said its up to the person to take it or leave it. You see a word is enough for the wise, and that’s why I’ve taken it! 😀

So now, you probably know why I started this blog.. I’m just a baby Christian like soooo many other people, what I hope to do is to take you with me on this journey and pray that you are blessed by it! Amen 



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